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new version Oculus Rift NZ

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new version Oculus Rift

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Oculus Rift Review & Release Australia

In a day and age where technology is everything, there’s no surprise some of the most advanced pieces we’re seeing comes to different gaming platforms first. Things like virtual reality headsets or VR for short, are allowing gamers to interact with games in a way they haven’t before. One such device like this is called the Oculus Rift which is among the latest in virtual reality technology that has recently hit the Australian market. The Oculus Rift has a lot to offer those who invest in this virtual reality headset and for a great price.

Oculus Rift virtual technology

The technology used to make the Oculus Rift is one that was made not only for a great experience but for comfort and flexibility as well. When makers set to work to make this great piece of technology, they did so in a way that was meant to provide the person wearing it comfort, an enjoyable experience and the ability to adjust it to their needs. We’ve got to say that overall it appears they’ve exceeded in doing exactly that.

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